Launched in Montreal, Canada, R3 Concept was born from a heartfelt mission: to create products that lasts season after season. Our journey began with a simple, yet powerful goal - to craft items exclusively from recycled, vegan, and recyclable materials. We chose the name R3 Concept deliberately, as it embodies our core values: Reduce, Reuse, and Re-waste. Through this name, we aim to shed light on the profound impact of irresponsible fashion industry practices.

R3 Concept is built upon the fundamental idea of harmonizing sustainability, style, and comfort to simplify your daily life with straightforward and casual designs. Our commitment to delivering a unique experience extends beyond materials; it's an aesthetic born from the fusion of distinctive concepts and innovative materials. We've transformed these elements into an extraordinary minimalist label that stands apart.

At R3 Concept, our mission goes beyond just creating beautiful designs; we aspire to craft pieces that transcend time and trends. Our creations are a testament to our dedication to making a lasting impact on the world ensuring that every piece we offer resonates with your sense of style, while also nurturing the planet we all call home


Over the years, we have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to innovation (while doing so sustainably). At R3 Concept, we promise to continue delivering on our promise to innovate and we plan to expand our line by launching apparel, bags, and beyond, and doing so as a 100% zero waste company.


Born and raised in Togo, Etienne Pre always held a steadfast dream of launching his own brand. After completing his university education, Etienne took a significant step forward in 2019, right in Montreal. There, he embarked on creating the initial prototypes of sneakers that garnered the attention of Forbes magazine not once, but twice, marking the emergence of a high-end sustainable footwear brand.

Drawing inspiration from his personal life experiences, Etienne's vision has always been to craft designs that resonate with individuals from all walks of life. He dedicates extensive time and attention to every aspect of the creative process, from inception to the final product.

He's ultimate goal is crystal clear: to bring into existence the finest quality products to endure the test of time.