Launched in Montreal, Canada, R3 Concept was born on a simple mission: to craft sustainable footwear in a way that causes minimal harm to both people and the planet.

Our name quite literally translates as Reduce, Reuse, and Re-waste, which we chose in order in order to raise awareness of the detrimental impacts caused by irresponsible production in the fashion industry.

R3 Concept is based on simple idea of combining sustainability, style and comfort to give you confidence through inspiring designs. 

It should be mentioned that we have perfected our aesthetic of unique concepts, materials, and colour combinations into an extraordinary minimalist label.


A native of Togo, Etienne Pre had always planned to start his own line. This fixation is not a coincidence. In fact, he was first inspired by his mother who was a seamstress.

After his university studies, in 2019 in Montreal he undertook the first samples of sneakers that were previewed in the Forbes magazine twice in a row as high end sustainable footwear brand. Earlier that same year, he participated in an anti-pollution protest, it was then that he became aware of the wastefulness of the clothing industry and decided to make a new approach by reusing waste as raw material in the making of R3 CONCEPT products.

By combining, his native culture inspiration, with personal experiences, and his outdoors activities, Etienne was inspired at young age to create designs that can resonate no matter who you are.

With a huge background in the industry, and his love for everything related to design, and his particular attention to details, Etienne invests a lot of time in the design process from start to finish. The goal is to produce the highest quality products with materials designed to stand the test of time, while offering an affordable price and a memorable experience.

Over the years, we have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to innovation (while doing so sustainably). At R3 Concept, we promise to continue delivering on our promise to innovate and we plan to expand our line by launching apparel, bags, and beyond, and doing so as a 100% zero waste company.


" sustainable footwear brands that will change the way you wear luxury sneakers "